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Your Cybersecurity
Partner and Integrator

From an initial consultation and design, to installation and ongoing
post-assessment evaluations, Myriad handles it all. We’ll help you design your
ideal security posture, select the most appropriate hardware and software
solutions – at the best possible price – and ensure you get what you need,
where you need it – on time and within budget.

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A Cybersecurity Consultancy and Integrator

As a cybersecurity consultancy, Myriad understands the importance of living at the intersection of technical expertise and business expertise. With over 15 years of experience and financial strength in the tech industry, Myriad knows how to take the most efficient, thorough deep dive into your organization’s current IT infrastructure and work with you to design your ideal state with both current and future business goals in mind.

But the work doesn’t stop there. Myriad handles all the logistics of implementing thoroughly tested solutions to improve the overall security—and strength—of your business, and then measure those after the project is complete. These processes are continuously refined based on the feedback of thousands of clients. Learn more

Security-First Strategy

As a consultancy and integrator providing secure infrastructure solutions, Myriad leverages deep industry experience and a security-first approach. Myriad helps clients define, design, implement and manage a complete technology vision with emphasis on the four pillars of Security, SDN, Cloud, and Mobility: Learn more


Myriad helps our clients build a sophisticated, layered security posture that touches every piece of technology infrastructure and every business process to avoid potentially crippling losses of time, money, and data.


Myriad partners with our clients to build out their strategy to leverage network automation, orchestration, disaggregation, and virtualization across data center, campus, and branch networks.


Myriad believes that workload placement should be based on organizational requirements and not infrastructure limitations.


Myriad understands that BYOD and remote access are the new norm; the now permeable network edge must be approached with mobility & security in mind first.

Best-Practice PDCA Process

Your engagement with Myriad begins with a joint deep dive with your IT department to understand their specific ROCs (requirements, objectives, and constraints). These ROCs form the foundation of the ideal state solution Myriad will ultimately design and implement.

Myriad creates a detailed design and all needed diagrams, bills of material (BOMs) and statements of work (SOWs), then preps and configures devices, software, and services before shipping and implementing globally.

For all projects, a dedicated project manager will perform check-ins throughout the entire process, and a post-assessment evaluation will test predetermined quantifiable business objectives. Once the first project is complete, it is time to reassess the ideal state, make any needed changes, and then prioritize the next step on our journey together towards the ultimate goal of a secure and manageable IT infrastructure.

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From Current State to Ideal State

Between the ever-changing threat landscape and an increasingly complex solution landscape, Myriad makes the journey towards your ideal state less complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Myriad’s technical expertise and strong partner relationships with top hardware and software manufacturers simplify the journey.

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Depth of Team and Expertise

When partnering with Myriad, each client has a Sales team, Consulting Solutions Architect, an additional Technical Specialist, and Executive Sponsor. The rest of the Myriad team is dedicated to your success, too, including:

World-class engineers
& architects
project managers
Global logistics team
Client Support
Contract specialist
Pricing support team

Begin your ideal state journey today!

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