The Great WiFi Migration

Cloud this, virtual that… it’s the future, and mostly it’s a good thing! Welcome to the great WiFi expansion, folks!

The Past

Not too long ago, when people started deploying multiple wireless access points (APs) in a single location, they realized how cumbersome it was to manage all APs individually. The masses demanded a way of managing multiple APs from a single location, and so the Controller was born. A Controller is just what the name says: a device that ‘controls’ and manages all APs from one central location.

For some time, this was the only option for managing multiple APs, and there was no way around it. And it was a great thing. It still is.


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Controller, Cloud Managed and Standalone WiFi Deployments, Oh My!

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In the WiFi world, there are three major types of wireless deployments. These are, as the title says, Controller Based, Cloud Managed, and Standalone; They are all different, and each one has its correct application, benefits, and vices. It has come to my attention that the differences among these groups aren’t understood well. Usually people are more interested in the brand name rather than the group it falls in. And that’s okay, I am here to help you choose the correct WLAN solution for your needs. Just to clarify, I will NOT be going into a discussion of which manufacturer falls into which category, or which one is better. That type of battle is best left alone for another day.

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The Art of AP Placement

Hi all, I’m the

Today we will talk about where and how to place APs in an indoor environment.

Often times I see a WLAN network ruined because of how and where the APs are placed. In such a case, IT staff will usually go buy and add more APs. This isn’t always the answer, and often it adds a different set of problems. Sometimes the solution may be something as simple as relocating APs.

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802.11ac – The New Kid On The Block

802.11ac  is the newest Wi-Fi standard in the market. It is more powerful and advanced than each of its predecessors – and there are a few of them. The new 802.11ac offers faster speeds, improved range and reliability, lower power consumption, as well as a free puppy. (Alright, I lied about the free puppy). 802.11ac will be released in two waves. Wave One is already out as of Q3 of 2013. Wave Two will bring even more advancements and is expected to hit the market late 2014.

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