Myriad Supply partners with SonicWALL and Raritan

We are proud to announce that Myriad Supply has officially became partners with SonicWALL, Inc. and Raritan, Inc. to provide even more choices for our customers.

About SonicWALL

SonicWALL, Inc. specializes in SMB and Enterprise security and recovery solutions to minimize and prevent unexpected events and lost for business due to cyber attacks or accidents. SonicWALL’s product portfolio includes the NSA series firewall, ES Series Hardware/Software based E-Mail security appliance, CDP series back-up and recovery appliances, and other secure network solutions wired or wireless.


About Raritan

Raritan, Inc. is a multinational corporation specializes in network power-management, and KVM switching. Raritan also offers complete centralized management and monitoring of network. Raritan’s product portfolio includes the PX Series intelligent rack PDU, Dominion series KVM, and management consoles to provide a complete suite of network and power management and monitoring.