The Great WiFi Migration

Cloud this, virtual that… it’s the future, and mostly it’s a good thing! Welcome to the great WiFi expansion, folks!

The Past

Not too long ago, when people started deploying multiple wireless access points (APs) in a single location, they realized how cumbersome it was to manage all APs individually. The masses demanded a way of managing multiple APs from a single location, and so the Controller was born. A Controller is just what the name says: a device that ‘controls’ and manages all APs from one central location.

For some time, this was the only option for managing multiple APs, and there was no way around it. And it was a great thing. It still is.


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Myriad Supply Monthly Poll Nov 2011- Your Switching Vendor?

The Poll has ended, thank you for all your input. Results will continue to be available for viewing.

As the battle for the Enterprise and Data Center Switching war becomes more intense, we want to know which vendor you are using to run your network? Share your vendor choices and also leave your thoughts below in the comment section. Jump to see the result!

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