Used Network Hardware Buy Backs

You know that old router or switch that’s just just laying around? Want to get rid of it?  Give us a call or E-mail about our Buy Back program, where we pay you for your used equipment in credits or cash you can use toward upgrading to new equipment or just a little more pocket money.

Fill out the Buy Back Form and we will get back to you with a preliminary quote as soon as possible.

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Want to upgrade or deploy new equipment but not sure where to start? Myriad Supply offers installation of everything that we sell, be it for a large campus or a small branch office. Our knowledgeable IT staff can take care of the process from start to finish.

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Got your equipment already installed but it’s not working as you’d like? Myriad Supply’s team of IT Engineers can help you design and build your networking blueprint from scratch or from already installed hardware. We will also provide  explanations and instructions for plug-in.

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