Myriad Debuts Employee Resource Groups 

Myriad is excited to announce the creation of ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). A tool utilized by many companies, we are proud to offer the opportunity to participate in these spaces to our employees. 

What is an ERG? 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that act as both a social network and a think-tank. They help ensure a workplace environment is inclusive and aligned with the company’s mission and values, strengthen the voices of employees, and harness the power of diverse thinking and affirming employees’ identities to maintain an open and understanding environment. 

What are Myriad’s ERGs? 

Currently, there are two ERGs at Myriad: The Rainbow Alliance, and The Cultural Collective (and coming soon is Women’s Empowerment!). Myriad is an inclusive workplace and encourages support and empowerment to all employees, as well as open discussion surrounding topics surrounding a common ground (gender expression, cultural background, etc.) to make Myriad an even better workplace. ERGs are open to all employees regardless of how they identify—the more the merrier!  

What are some of the things ERGs do? 

The types of activities ERG participants at Myriad mainly fall into three categories: internal discussions, social events (everything from movie screenings to dance lessons!), career advancement (networking, peer-to-peer mentorship) and volunteerism within the NYC community. For instance, the Cultural Collective plans on attending youth-centric panels and creating partnerships with non-profits aimed at underrepresented groups in tech. Next month, the Rainbow Collective will be volunteering with SAGE, the country’s largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adult members of the LGBT community via health and wellness, employment assistance, housing, and more by serving meals to the elderly. 

Why are ERGs important? 

ERGs create a platform for connection amongst team members who share common interests and goals, help foster a more caring, aware and respectful community, and are a resource for Myriad leadership when it comes to issues, policies, and employees’ needs. An open forum where people can meet and support one another is essential to creating or maintaining a work environment that fosters employee satisfaction, leadership, and career advancement. 

Myriad values diversity and equality. Plus, we’re always growing! As well as supporting current members of the team, we’re happy to have ERGs serve as informal welcome to new employees by offering the chance to network and mentor. Join us! 

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