Myriad Congratulates Employees Celebrating Anniversaries this Month

July Anniversary

At Myriad, we believe that whether personal or professional, anniversaries are a special event in a person’s life. This month, we are celebrating the work anniversaries of five exceptional members of the Myriad team. Huge congratulations are due to:

Anthony Cesari
Celebrating: 10 years

Anthony Cesari is celebrating TEN years at Myriad this month. Anthony has been promoted four times over the course of his illustrious career, rising the ranks from working in hardware testing to his current title of NOC Manager. His favorite thing about working at Myriad is watching the company grow and seeing all great new people join the Myriad family. “When I started, I only had to remember eight names!”

Anthony’s best Myriad memory: 

“Ten years at Myriad Supply has provided me with an abundance of fond memories. I can think of some that happened my very first day at Myriad as well as ones that happened last week.  However, one memory stands out that encapsulates all ten years here.

We had just finished moving in to our new office. I was on the early shift of client support at the time so I was the first one into the office the following day. It was exciting to unlock the front door for the first time. I took a moment to take in the new space in the calm quiet of the morning. The new office felt enormous. I could see the general layout of the departments, but more than anything I saw the ocean of empty space in between. I remember thinking, “We will never fill this place up!” But then it hit me. This wasn’t an ocean of empty space, it was a reservoir of potential.  I walked over to my desk to start work with a smile. Well, I did that or maybe I grabbed one of the Razor Scooters and zoomed around the office quoting Fast and the Furious movies.  We can never know for sure.

The office floor is full now, but the reservoir of potential is still there. Myriad has always provided the space for potential as well as the encouragement and tools to jump in and succeed.  The people I have worked alongside for ten years will tell you the same. I look forward to what we will do together next.”

Jeff Segbers
Celebrating: 6 years

Jeff Segbers joined Myriad Supply in 2011 as an Account Executive and was promoted twice before earning his current title as Account Director in January 2016. Jeff has an impressive list of certifications he has garnered over his career, including CSE – Cisco Sales Expert, JNSA – Juniper Network Sales Associate, APSS – Avaya Professional Sales Specialist, ASE – Arista Sales Expert, ASP – Adtran Sales Professional, PSE – Palo Alto Sales Expert, RSA – Riverbed Sales Associate, and SSE – Sonicwall Sales Expert. Jeff attributes his success at Myriad to its “fun atmosphere, awesome leadership, incredible benefits and, more importantly, great people!”

Jeff’s best Myriad memory: 

“I remember when I first started and there weren’t nearly as many desks as there are now. It’s been a privilege to watch the company grow so significantly over the last six years.” 

Matt Cullen
Celebrating: 2 years

In addition to celebrating two years at Myriad, Matt recently celebrated a promotion from Account Executive to Senior Account Executive in April of this year. Matt believes the sense of camaraderie at Myriad is second to none, saying, “I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best people in my life. I’ve made many lifelong friendships.”

Matt’s best Myriad memory: Many memories come to mind, but my favorite has to be the debacle the softball team put together after coming back from 9 runs down in Summer ‘16.  We should have won, but error after error after error, it was the most fitting way for our season to end. It was also hilarious for everyone to just go out and commiserate after the devastating defeat.”

Justin Harbst
Celebrating: 2 years

Over the course of Justin’s time at Myriad, he’s earned an impressive list of Sales certifications, including Dell Security Competency Overview, Juniper JNSA, Juniper JNSA-EX, Palo Alto ASE, HPE Sales Certified – Enterprise Solutions, and Cisco NGFW Express for Account Managers. His favorite aspects of the work environment are his amazing team and Myriad’s dedication to corporate transparency.

Justin’s best Myriad memory:Two words: summer parties!”

July AnniversaryCelebrating: 1 year

Andrew Baffoe joined Myriad last year and hit the ground running, earning certifications such as AWS Business Professional, AWS Technical Professional, Intelisys Telecom Solutions Professional Certification, Intelisys Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional Certification, and Intelisys Unified Communication-as-a-Service Solutions Professional. Myriad’s corporate culture keeps Andrew motivated, citing that “Myriad is a group of hardworking, highly intelligent, fun individuals who inspire me to improve every day. I have never been so motivated to do well by a company.”

Andrew’s best Myriad memory: The 2016 Summer Party happened to be at the end of my first week at Myriad which, admittedly, was a little nerve-wracking. It turned out to be a great way to get to know the team outside of the office and feel the caring, familial vibe of Myriad firsthand.”

Thank you to Anthony, Jeff, Matt, Justin and Andrew for the dedication, enthusiasm, and business acumen they bring to Myriad. Here’s to many more great years with us! 

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