Microsoft celebrates IE6 funeral with cake

It might not be completely accurate to say that Internet Explorer 6 is completely dead.

IE6 Funeral Cake
IE6 Funeral Cake. Courtesy of BBC.
The celebration at Redmond, WA. came after Net Application reported that usage of IE6 in the United States during the month of December has dropped below 1%. It is not the first time that Microsoft wanted to bury IE6 in the grounds, was created 2 years ago by Microsoft to urge users to stop using Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer 6 was first released in August 2001 over 10 years ago, and enjoyed an astounding number of users during its tenure which peaked at over 90% of all browser usage. The initial version of IE6 is no longer supported, however, IE6 SP3 that is part of the Windows XP SP3 update is continued to be supported until 2014.

According to the IE6 countdown website, the browser still accounts for a not-too-small portion of all the browser usage at 7.7%. Most of the IE6 users, over 50% of all IE6 users, comes from China mainly due to overwhelming number of Windows XP users in the country.

Our own browser usage tracking for our website reports no signs of IE6 usage, which comes at no surprise and a relief.

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