Jibba Jabba or the Nines Nines Nines

You’ve probably heard “nines” thrown around when talking high availability, so let’s review them to make everyone talk the same talk or IT Jibba-Jabba.

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The layers of defense; Firewalls top to bottom

Saar here, resident engineer at Myriad Supply. Today I’ll be discussing firewalls.

Fire Wall of Wall of Fire

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Laying the keel, a Layered Approach

Saar here, resident engineer at Myriad Supply. Today I’ll be discussing the OSI Model and the 7 layers.

1) Firewalls:
a. Basic
b. Next Generation
c. Application Layer firewalls- Palo Alto/ Juniper
d. Web application Firewalls- Mykonos now rebranded to webapp secure firewall

Let’s review some basics about the OSI model and the 7 layers:

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BPG Routing


Saar here, resident engineer at Myriad Supply. Today I’ll be talking about BGP Routing.

BGP…you probably hear that word being thrown around. What is it and how can it help you? First, take a look at this cheat-sheet. The second item will give you a brief explanation on BGP and its uses.

Cheat Sheet

The first item is the port speed from 10/100/1000 to 100Gbps. The second one is how many FULL tables we recommend.

For the 1 GigE you have the best horse is the older 7200

For the 1 GigE you can also invest in the 6500/7600 with XL

For the 10 GigE you have 2 out of 3 horses with hefty discounts on Brocade and Juniper.

For the 10 GigE you can also get the older 6500 with XL and 6704/6708 line cards.


For the 40 GigE. You can use the 6500 with SUP-2T or look at our Juniper/ Brocade Chassis offerings. Again 3 out of the 4 horses are available to you.


Allow me to explain:


Let’s say you’re sitting in the office and you want to email Mr. Borat Sagdiyev. There are many ways of reaching Borat, as many ways as there are countries and ISPs in the world. The reason for that is that NOBODY owns the internet. It’s basically made up of thousands of internet providers who will link to each other (which is why they say the internet should be capable of surviving a nuclear attack). For example, from NY, you can send data across the country through the Pacific pipeline to Japan and reach Borat. In summary, the internet is a large collection of ISPs working together sharing links so they can route your traffic to Borat.

In order to work together, the ISPs need a protocol that will allow them to update all the addresses of the world and any changes. This protocol is Border Gateway Protocol, BGP.

The idea is simple- Each enterprise company or ISP can apply for something called an AS number.


  ASN   No of nets  /20 equiv  Description

25534      156          1       Intelsoft Kazakstan AS


As you can see, the ISP in Kazakstan where Borat lives applied for ASN 25534. So basically, each ISP or Enterprise company canapply for an ASN. As you also know, in order to talk to other devices in the world, your PC needs to have a real PUBLIC IP address (you can see yours by going to http://www.ipchicken.com/).

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