Solarflare increases Standard HW Warranty to 3 Years

Good news to all Solarflare customers, Solarflare has revised their standard hardware warranty on ALL server adapters to 3 years, and additional 2 year warranty can be added on for a total of 5 years of warranty! As a proud partner of Solarflare, all Solarflare products purchase from Myriad Supply will carry this new Solarflare warranty policy, so that our customers can take care of their business instead of troubleshooting their equipment.

Solarflare PR Below:

Effective Feb 1, 2013 Solarflare will provide 3 years of hardware warranty for all server adapters. This move provides customers with the assurance that if the hardware has a failure during the first 3 years of operation, they can receive a no-cost replacement adapter. Additionally, the new 3 year warranty period coincides with most server refresh cycles making our 10GbE server adapters co-terminus with this event.

Customers that require a longer hardware warranty period can extend the 3 year warranty another 2 years, for a total of 5 years.

Myriad Supply/Juniper Networks hosts Cloud Security lunch and learn

Yesterday, Juniper Networks and Myriad Supply jointly hosted a lunch and learn session at New York City’s famous Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Guest speaker Peter McMullen, Cloud Security Specialist from Juniper Networks, spoke to an audience of about 35 IT professionals from New York City about the increasingly importance of Cloud Security and the benefits of Juniper’s Cloud Security solution.

Peter McMullen, Cloud Security Specialist from Juniper Networks, speaks to the audience about Juniper’s Cloud Security solution.
The audience from all different areas of the IT industry including Telecom Carrier, Digital Publishing House, Web Hosting, Data-Center, IT Management/Consultancy Firm, etc. were intrigued by Juniper’s solution to the cloud and the increasingly fractured corporate IT landscape. Juniper’s solution offers security and management from the core of the networks all the way out to the end-users’ devices.

McMullen noted at his presentation, that Juniper’s approach enables enterprises to control the increasing amount of BYOD in corporate networks with Juniper’s SRX Firewall appliance utilizing AppSecure, UAC, IDP, and STRM; vGW virtual Gateway for the increasingly Virtualized Datacenter; and JunosPULSE client for end-user authentication and management.

Our own EVP Relation Management David-Brady, and Account Executive Kari speaking to a guest after Juniper’s Cloud Security presentation.
In addition to the traditional approach to intercept and detect threats, Juniper’s Next-Generation Security with SRX with AppSecure, IDP, STRM, and Mykonos enables network administrators deploy “fake” paths against attackers. McMullen also highlighted Juniper’s approach to secure virtualized machines that’s increasingly important in today’s data-center. Juniper’s vGW Virtual Gateway offers agility, scalability, and granularity for today’s virtualization environment with stateful firewall, integrated IS, and AV, as well as flexible policy enforcement that can scale to 1,000+ VM Hosts using “Secure VMotion.”

Our own Account Executives Andrew Sanders was especially excited about the capability of the vGW, because he notes that there are more clients everyday inquiring about a scalable and efficient cloud security options in a virtualized environment.

Myriad Supply thanks all participants, and Juniper Networks for a wonderful and informative lunch and forum. This event allow Myriad Supply to better understand and provide clients with industry leading security solutions that fits clients’ needs.

Myriad Supply scores Meraki CMNAs at 2-Day Training Session

The 2-Day Meraki CMNA hosted by Meraki last week at the Columbus Avenue Mandell School was a blast. Myriad Supply wants to extend our gratitude to Meraki as well as the host of the training session, The Mandell School.

During the 2-Day training, our engineers were guided by two capable Meraki trainers and product specialists through a series of briefs, lectures, and exercises to acquaint with Meraki’s product offerings, and then to solve a series of networking problems with involving complexity.

Our pre-sale engineers were thoroughly impressed at how the Meraki training session was logically structured in that it follows the typical deployment scenario: first setting up the perimeter (a firewall, the Meraki MX80 was used for the training session) and then to the last which is personnel management. The Meraki MS22 and Meraki MS42P (power-over-ethernet) was used to demonstrate high-availability capabilities. We were quite impressed with how the HA was a plug-and-play procedure on the Meraki products, and RTSP was automatically enabled when the two switches were linked up. In the training session, the uplink ports were used to connect the two switch as the main connection through SFP, and two Gig-E ports were used as the HA link. In addition, the MS42P was later used as the PoE source for the two APs used in training: the MR12 and the MR16. When the entire rig was setup, the management dashboard provided us incredible amount of information and allowed us to quickly tweak any configs on the fly.

The biggest eye-opener was indeed Meraki’s cloud-based management system, a single dashboard that controls the perimeter, the LAN switching, the APs, and last but no the least, the individual devices connected to the network. The Cloud-based management system is a clean GUI-based web experience that allows the user to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot any part of the network at ease. The granularity of the information provided by the monitoring software was very impressive. For example, serial numbers of optics were provided, battery levels of iPads can be tracked, etc.

However, there were also several hiccups along the way, some hardware glitches that require reset, some software limitations, and as always — human errors. None the less, the 2-Day training session was an incredible experience, and we at Myriad Supply would like to thank all the parties involved once again. With our engineers armed with CMNA, we feel that we are even more ready to engage our customers interested in Meraki products whether it be deployment, troubleshooting, or other technical sales related inquiries.

Myriad Supply greets Sandy

As many of you know, Sandy swept across the North East region of the United States from Sunday till Tuesday leaving millions without home, power, water, and other essential day to day necessities. Sandy did not make a direct impact through New York City, but its wide-stretched wind left a undeniable impact on the city’s infrastructure.

The MTA has shut-down now for two days in a row, the NYSE has also shut down its trading floor for the second day in a row, a first since the September 11th attack. We would like our customers to know that the entire Myriad Supply team is safe and sound. While some has lost power to their home, the rest of the team are continuing to support our customers through the havoc from remote locations. After the height of Sandy’s impact on Monday night, the Myriad Supply office has lost power, which may be caused by a transformer explosion at a ConEdision plant near 14th Street.

Currently, FedEx shipments are also delayed because of the storm, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. We are looking to restore to our normal operation capacity as soon as conditions allowed. Thank you, and we hope all our North East region customers are also safe and sound.

Myriad heads off to Dallas, TX in October 2012 for NANOG 56!

Coco wears our NANOG 56 T-Shirt

Along with our usual team of human beings, we are bringing along our office companion Coco (a Kerry Beagle for those curious) with us to the NANOG 56 (North American Network Operators’ Group) conference on October 21 through October 24. As per previous tradition, we are handing out NANOG themed T-Shirts to conference attendees. This year’s NANOG T-Shirt theme is the Texas Longhorn.

If you are attending the NANOG 56 Conference, please be sure to drop by our booth to grab a T-shirt. In addition, Myriad Supply will be sponsoring the Monday Morning Break, and there will be a raffle drawing later in the day for an iPad. Don’t miss out on these events!

For the rest of the NANOG 56 agenda, click here.