Myriad Gear Powers the Big Game

This year when you sit down to watch the Big Game, part of what you see, hear and read will be supported by technology provided by Myriad Supply. Many of the phones, ticket scanning devices, VOD equipment and computers that will make this event possible will get an internet connection from routing and switching technology that we packed with our own hands, here on 19th Street, just days before the game.

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Myriad Supply: Where Culture is King

In 2013, Myriad Supply grew revenue by more than fifty percent, added over twenty business partnerships and acquired several key new clients. However, the greatest distinction of the year came in mid-December when the company earned its third consecutive award as one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York.

Many companies can grow their business, build a client roster and carve out a name in a crowded marketplace. Few can do it with the style that defines Myriad, particularly in the computer hardware industry. How does a 10-year-old company that provides networking technology to businesses articulate itself as a terrific place to work?

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Chopping your datacenter to size with new blades

Saar here, resident engineer at Myriad Supply. Today I’ll be discussing blade enclosures.

Let’s start with what some of you may already know- A chassis. In the networking world, you have a switch with ports in the front:


A switch also has power supplies and fans.




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