Solarflare increases Standard HW Warranty to 3 Years

Good news to all Solarflare customers, Solarflare has revised their standard hardware warranty on ALL server adapters to 3 years, and additional 2 year warranty can be added on for a total of 5 years of warranty! As a proud partner of Solarflare, all Solarflare products purchase from Myriad Supply will carry this new Solarflare warranty policy, so that our customers can take care of their business instead of troubleshooting their equipment.

Solarflare PR Below:

Effective Feb 1, 2013 Solarflare will provide 3 years of hardware warranty for all server adapters. This move provides customers with the assurance that if the hardware has a failure during the first 3 years of operation, they can receive a no-cost replacement adapter. Additionally, the new 3 year warranty period coincides with most server refresh cycles making our 10GbE server adapters co-terminus with this event.

Customers that require a longer hardware warranty period can extend the 3 year warranty another 2 years, for a total of 5 years.