Myriad Supply scores Meraki CMNAs at 2-Day Training Session

The 2-Day Meraki CMNA hosted by Meraki last week at the Columbus Avenue Mandell School was a blast. Myriad Supply wants to extend our gratitude to Meraki as well as the host of the training session, The Mandell School.

During the 2-Day training, our engineers were guided by two capable Meraki trainers and product specialists through a series of briefs, lectures, and exercises to acquaint with Meraki’s product offerings, and then to solve a series of networking problems with involving complexity.

Our pre-sale engineers were thoroughly impressed at how the Meraki training session was logically structured in that it follows the typical deployment scenario: first setting up the perimeter (a firewall, the Meraki MX80 was used for the training session) and then to the last which is personnel management. The Meraki MS22 and Meraki MS42P (power-over-ethernet) was used to demonstrate high-availability capabilities. We were quite impressed with how the HA was a plug-and-play procedure on the Meraki products, and RTSP was automatically enabled when the two switches were linked up. In the training session, the uplink ports were used to connect the two switch as the main connection through SFP, and two Gig-E ports were used as the HA link. In addition, the MS42P was later used as the PoE source for the two APs used in training: the MR12 and the MR16. When the entire rig was setup, the management dashboard provided us incredible amount of information and allowed us to quickly tweak any configs on the fly.

The biggest eye-opener was indeed Meraki’s cloud-based management system, a single dashboard that controls the perimeter, the LAN switching, the APs, and last but no the least, the individual devices connected to the network. The Cloud-based management system is a clean GUI-based web experience that allows the user to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot any part of the network at ease. The granularity of the information provided by the monitoring software was very impressive. For example, serial numbers of optics were provided, battery levels of iPads can be tracked, etc.

However, there were also several hiccups along the way, some hardware glitches that require reset, some software limitations, and as always — human errors. None the less, the 2-Day training session was an incredible experience, and we at Myriad Supply would like to thank all the parties involved once again. With our engineers armed with CMNA, we feel that we are even more ready to engage our customers interested in Meraki products whether it be deployment, troubleshooting, or other technical sales related inquiries.