Myriad Supply greets Sandy

As many of you know, Sandy swept across the North East region of the United States from Sunday till Tuesday leaving millions without home, power, water, and other essential day to day necessities. Sandy did not make a direct impact through New York City, but its wide-stretched wind left a undeniable impact on the city’s infrastructure.

The MTA has shut-down now for two days in a row, the NYSE has also shut down its trading floor for the second day in a row, a first since the September 11th attack. We would like our customers to know that the entire Myriad Supply team is safe and sound. While some has lost power to their home, the rest of the team are continuing to support our customers through the havoc from remote locations. After the height of Sandy’s impact on Monday night, the Myriad Supply office has lost power, which may be caused by a transformer explosion at a ConEdision plant near 14th Street.

Currently, FedEx shipments are also delayed because of the storm, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. We are looking to restore to our normal operation capacity as soon as conditions allowed. Thank you, and we hope all our North East region customers are also safe and sound.

Myriad heads off to Dallas, TX in October 2012 for NANOG 56!

Coco wears our NANOG 56 T-Shirt

Along with our usual team of human beings, we are bringing along our office companion Coco (a Kerry Beagle for those curious) with us to the NANOG 56 (North American Network Operators’ Group) conference on October 21 through October 24. As per previous tradition, we are handing out NANOG themed T-Shirts to conference attendees. This year’s NANOG T-Shirt theme is the Texas Longhorn.

If you are attending the NANOG 56 Conference, please be sure to drop by our booth to grab a T-shirt. In addition, Myriad Supply will be sponsoring the Monday Morning Break, and there will be a raffle drawing later in the day for an iPad. Don’t miss out on these events!

For the rest of the NANOG 56 agenda, click here.

Introducting Arista utlra low-latency cut-through switch, 7150 Series, available now

Those looking for new ultra low-latency switches in their network should consider the new Arista 7150 series. These are 1RU switches designed for low-latency, high through-put, and is the first switch designed to integrate into a SDN environment.

The 7150 Series comes in 3 main configurations, and they are available now at Myriad Supply.

Arista 7150 Series


Model 7150S-24 7150S-52 7150S-64
Total Ports 24 52 64
SFP+ Ports 24 52 48
L2/L3 Throughput 480 Gbps 1.04 Tbps 1.28 Tbps
L2/L3 PPS 360 Mpps 780 Mpps 960 Mpps
Latency 350ns 380ns 380ns
Typical Power Draw 191 W 191 W 224 W


For more information about these switches visit Arista Networks.