Myriad Supply achieves Juniper Elite Status

Shout out to all the men and women at Myriad Supply that made it possible for us as a company to achieve a milestone at our organization. We would also like to extend our thanks to the reps from Juniper Networks. Beginning today, Myriad Supply will be part of the top Elite partners of Juniper Networks.

Made in LEGOs
As elite partners, we will be able to offer better pricing, consultation and service to all clients who are interested in Juniper Networks equipment.

Juniper Networks has been a fast growing force in the networking industry. Juniper, whose first router, M40, broke new grounds in the 1990s and established itself as a network innovator. Today, Juniper’s routers are used in almost every major ISP in the world. With the Juniper SRX firewalls, the Juniper EX Switches, and Q-Fabric System, Juniper round out its offering in enterprise and data center, creating a complete portfolio of products to tackle every complex networking problems today and the future. In addition to hardware innovations, Juniper Networks created JUNOS, a single operating system and platform that runs across Juniper’s routing, switching, and security products.

Don’t be its next victim: DDoS, simple but deadly

In the world of network security, many efforts are concentrated to prevent security holes in operating systems, hardware, software, and even the actual physical presence of the physical hardware to prevent unauthorized access to system resources.

There is little doubt that exposure of internal system resources to unauthorized access by the ways of leak, brute force password hacks, SQL Injection, Zero-day attacks, or social engineering can be devastating. However, with user precaution such as strong passwords with salted hashes, these vulnerability can be tightened. Application vulnerabilities can be patched, and it is a always good-practice to stay up to date with the most recent signature/definition databases.
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Beyond the Spec: What you need to know when buying/deploying Access Point

When shopping for Wireless Access Points, the first thing our client asks is its bandwidth capability, A/B/G/N/AC etc. Next, they will turn their attention to its transmit power, coverage, maximum supported user, and interfaces. Then if the price is right, they will make the purchase.
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Juniper SRX Series FAQ

Juniper provides wealth of information regarding their SRX Services Gateway, here are some of the most commonly asked question from our customers who inquire about the Juniper SRX Series.

Question: Does the SRX series supports Layer2 / transparent firewalling?
Answer: Yes the SRX series supports Layer 2 / Transparent Firewall in all models (Branch and Enterprise models).

Question: Are there any additional interfaces / software features / costs needed for failover/HA support?
Answer: While high-availability comes at no additional cost, some additional software features such as Web-sense filtering, and third-party AV/AS Software require licenses. In addition, some functionality is not available to some base memory models and require memory upgrade (Done via software unlock). Additional interfaces are available on certain models.
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What is the difference between WS-C2960S-24TS-S and WS-C2960S-24TS-L?

We often get asked: what is the difference between WS-C2960S-24TS-S and WS-C2960S-24TS-L? Just looking at those cryptic part numbers and only one letter difference, many customers may gloss over it and go with whichever is cheaper. However, just one letter difference can mean some important features in a particular situation may be left out. Here is our engineer’s answers.
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