Memory Upgrade Questions for CISCO2921/K9

CISCO2921/K9 is one of the more popular Cisco routers that we sell, and we often get questions related to memory upgrade path for this router. Many clients aren’t sure how many ram slots the is in the CISCO2921/K9 and what if future upgrades are planned? Here is the answer from our engineers!

The CISCO2921/K9 starts with 512MB of DRAM soldered to its motherboard, and leaves one slot for memory upgrade. There are several options for upgrading the memory ont he CISCO2921/K9.

Stand Alone Memory Upgrading the Memory
MEM-2900-512MB= MEM-2900-512U1GB
MEM-2900-1GB= MEM-2900-512U1.5GB
MEM-2900-2GB= MEM-2900-512U2.5GB

In this case, there isn’t much difference between buying the upgrade, or the standalone memory since you will receive an additional stick of RAM for a max total of 2.5 GB of DRAM. However, in other instances, there may be a price difference when for example 2GB configuration can come in 2x 1GB, or 1x 2GB.

Our Engineers recommend that users upgrade to max in one go if you plan to use the router for a long time as there is only one single slot. Otherwise, the previous upgrades will have to be taken out for the bigger memory (i.e. upgrading to 1.5gb now, and decide to upgrade to 2.5gb later will require taking out the 1GB, and inserting a new 2GB).

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